Why does my water smell like chemicals?

Have you noticed a chemical smell coming from your water? The aesthetic properties of your tap water depend upon your local natural water supply source, how your water is treated, and how it is delivered to you. If the smell or taste resembles bleach it can be pretty alarming, but rest assured this not caused by harmful contaminants. 

In the case of private well water that undergoes no treatment at all, taste and odor are simply a function of the presence of naturally occurring minerals and organic matter in the tapped groundwater. Municipal treatment, however, adds another level of “complexity” for the palate. 

However, wells are not common in Methuen and while they do exist they are privately owned. For public water systems, a refreshing glass of drinking water requires certain chemicals be present in combination.   And a drink of water that originated from a municipal treatment plant such as Methuen’s made contact with chlorine when it was added to destroy waterborne germs, such as e. coli 0157 H7 and norovirus, which are capable of spreading disease. Chlorine disinfectants play an essential role in maintaining the public health, but they can introduce an unpleasant odor or taste to drinking water and this is the most common question from public drinking water consumers.

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