New Carts Program & Overflow Bags

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All Methuen households eligible for curbside collection receive carts. Included with the carts will be Methuen trash/recycling program information and two trash overflow bags.

Only materials deposited in the carts will be collected in a curbside pickup or, for trash only, in blue overflow bags.

With the automated pickup, residents on trash/recycling day wheel their carts to the curb with the cart handle facing their house away from the street. To make sure the cart is accessible for pickup, place the cart at least three feet away from other carts and objects such as mailboxes or parked cars.

Overflow Bag Size

Overflow bags, pictured above, are available at Methuen City Hall 41 Pleasant Street, Nevins Memorial Library 305 Broadway, Methuen Senior Activity Center 77 Lowell Street, Methuen Transfer Station 50 Huntington Avenue, and at the following locations throughout the city:

  • Market Basket (186 Haverhill Street)
  • Market Basket (70 Pleasant Valley Street)
  • Howe Street Superette (163 Howe Street)
  • Galloway's Convenience Store (176 Pelham Street)
  • Caribbean Supermarket (4 Broadway)
  • White Eagle Pantry (319 Merrimack Street)
  • CVS (233 Broadway)

Once all standard carts are distributed by the City's vendor, Methuen DPW will deliver replacement carts to households who request smaller size 35-gallon carts.

Also, applications for the lease of additional trash carts requested by hardship cases (large households, special circumstances) will be accepted starting in September. The annual cost for an additional trash cart is $100. Before applying for extra carts, residents are advised to try the use of the standard carts and manage cart capacity by recycling, which is better for the environment and saves on disposal costs.