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Firearms Licensing Unit
Firearms Licensing Unit
Secure your firearms in a safe place and make sure they are locked with an approved locking system.
Pistol Permits and FID Applications are issued BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.     
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The procedure is as follows:
1.       Complete a Firearms/FID card application.
2.       Mail completed Application to Methuen Police Department Firearms Licensing Office, 90 Hampshire Street, Methuen, Massachusetts 01844.  
3.       The Firearms Licensing Office will contact applicants and schedule an appointment time.
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Applicants MUST have the following:
1.       Completed application (Application can be accessed in PDF format below)
2.      Fees:
         FID Card - (Chemical Propellant) $25.00
         FID Firearms - $100.00
         License to Carry Firearms Class A and B - $100.00
3.       NRA Gun Course Certificate (First time applicant only)
Photos are not needed.
Questions regarding licensing can be referred to the Firearms Licensing Office at 978-983-8751
License to Carry and FID Card Application Form
Change of Address Notification for LTC and FID Card
FAQ's for Firearms Records Bureau 
Massachusetts Firearms Laws

Disqualifiers for FID and LTC
Massachusetts Firearms Records Bureau
Massachusetts Criminal History Systems Board