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1/20/07 Minutes
The Methuen City Council met on January 20, 2007. The following are the Council Meeting Minutes.

Chairman Zanni called the regular meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, January 2, 2007 to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Great Hall, with all members present.               


MOTION BY:  Councilor Cronin, seconded by Councilor Willette to accept the agenda as posted.  UPON VOTE:  UNANIMOUS.                Councilor Giordano gave the Invocation for the evening.  Everyone remained standing for the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Appointment of City Auditor

MOTION BY:  Councilor Cronin, seconded by Councilor Leone to appoint Thomas J. Kelly, City Auditor. UPON VOTE: UNANIMOUS. 

Appointment of Council Clerk

MOTION BY:  Councilor Willette, seconded by Councilor Cronin appoint Linda Gagnon, Council Clerk. UPON VOTE: UNANIMOUS. 

Appointment of City Solicitor

MOTION BY:  Councilor Willette, seconded by Councilor Leone to appoint Peter McQuillan, City Solicitor. UPON VOTE: UNANIMOUS.                                  

ACCEPTANCE OF MINUTES  MOTION BY:  Councilor Cronin, seconded by Councilor Willette to waive the reading and adopt the minutes of December 18, 2006, regular meeting.               UPON VOTE: UNANIMOUS.               

MOTION BY:  Councilor Willette, seconded by Councilor Leone to remove the December 4, 2006 minutes from the table.  UPON VOTE: UNANIMOUS.              

MOTION BY:  Councilor Cronin, seconded by Councilor Leone to waive the reading and adopt. Councilor Corey Rahme said she plans to accept the minutes of December 4th because the revisions she requested were made.  She stated that she also asked for verbatim minutes for the entire meeting, gavel to gavel, and has conceded that that may be a waste of time and effort.  She noted that she wasn’t happy with the minutes on a couple of fronts, but more specifically that she was singled out to be the only one verbatim, other than Councilor Cronin, who made the request.  However, she has no regret of anything that she stated that evening.               UPON VOTE: UNANIMOUS.               


Chairman Zanni announced that there is a proclamation for Council to sign, for a young eagle scout to be presented at a later date.  The Clerk read a Thank you note to the Council for their help with the Forest Street Project, from Joseph & Jeanne Pappalardo, Jim Dederian & Family, Dennis & Tammy Latatoree, and Marilyn Barry. 



Grants:  P.S. Grant #648 – Pleasant Valley Street MOTION BY:  Councilor Leone, seconded by Councilor Giordano to approve.  UPON VOTE:  UNANIMOUS.             

P.S. Grant #647 – Preston Street  MOTION BY:  Councilor Willette, seconded by Councilor Corey Rahme to approve.  UPON VOTE:  UNANIMOUS. 

Licenses:  Special Excavation – 36 Sunnyside Street  MOTION BY:  Councilor Willette, seconded by Councilor Leone to approve.  UPON VOTE: UNANIMOUS. 

Contracts:  None 



Resolutions:  None

Ordinances:TO-06-22 Ordinance Exempting a Certain Parcel of Property from the Provisions of MMC, Chapter 14, Article II, (D) – Common Sewers (Req. of Clr. Leone & Clr. Cronin)MOTION BY:  Councilor Cronin, seconded by Councilor Leone to adopt.UPON VOTE:  6 yes, 3 no (Clr. Corey Rahme, Clr. Willette, Clr. Zanni) Consideration of Appointments – none 



TR-07-01 Resolution Accepting a Grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.MOTION BY:  Councilor Corey Rahme, seconded by Councilor Willette to adopt for first read.  Councilor Leone asked what happens to the $875 once the city receives it.Mayor Manzi said it would be spent in accordance with the application.  It is a feasibility study related to the Sands Bridge in the west end.Councilor Leone asked if the city would receive more money to repair the bridge.Mayor Manzi said we’ll try to and this money will be helpful with the feasibility study.UPON VOTE: UNANIMOUS. 

TR-07-02 Resolution Authorizing Acceptance of FY 2007 Community Policing Grant, Executive Office of Public SafetyMOTION BY:  Councilor Corey Rahme, seconded by Councilor Leone to adopt.MOTION BY:  Councilor Willette, seconded by Councilor Corey Rahme to adopt an EPA for the good and welfare of the community.UPON VOTE: 8 yes, l no (Clr. Cronin)Councilor Cronin said he spoke regarding a proposal for the next meeting to have a copy of the grant application and the grant award on file in both the Accountant’s office and the Solicitor’s office. MOTION BY:  Councilor Cronin, seconded by Councilor Giordano to amend the above resolution to include language that a copy of this award and application be on file in the Solicitor’s office and the Auditor’s office.

Councilor Quinn asked if this amendment is just for the police department or all grants.Councilor Cronin said he plans to bring it forward at the next Council meeting for it to be a policy of the Council for any/all grantsCouncilor Leone asked Mr. Kelly if he normally sees grant application or award letters.Mr. Kelly said he receives the award letters, not the applications.Councilor Leone noted that Mr. Kelly doesn’t know any more about the disposition of the funds than the Council does at any given point.Mr. Kelly explained that when a department submits their vouchers, he checks it against their budget, but he doesn’t get the actual application.  Councilor Leone noted that Mr. Kelly would check the voucher against the grant total, not against the line items.Mayor Manzi added that inside the areas where the grant application is made, those funds are checked by the grant awarding authority.  Within those lines, both the Mayor’s office and ultimately the audit that’s done on the grant shows where the money was spent.Councilor Giordano asked the Solicitor if Council could make it so they receive a copy of each grant application from every department to be informed as to what each department applied for.Attorney McQuillan noted it’s a record that’s part of doing public business and governmental business and would be considered as such. 

He is not sure of the document distribution and would have to review that.  Each respective department, dependent upon the purposes of application and the use, have the working knowledge, whether it be a community block grant for the Community Development Department or otherwise.  They have the expertise and know the procedures, as well as the administrative corridors that one has to go through in order to make application.  In its application process, that is not so much a public record as it is in what they call a fait accompli.  Once an application is made and approved and an award is made, that is essentially the process that transforms it into a public record.  The application processes itself and all the information and way with all that’s part of that application process is not public until the application is made and approved.  There might be a problem with the preliminary application documentation.Councilor Quinn asked for clarification of the request. Chairman Zanni - point of information – the request is, once an application has been made and gone through the process, they would like to see that documentation to show exactly how that money is being expended.Councilor Quinn said that is not part of the application process.  Councilor Cronin said it is redundant to ask for something before its been approved.  After its approved, after we’ve gotten everything on board, we should know what its like and should have it on file in the Solicitor’s office and Auditor’s office. 

He is not asking for it as they apply for it.Councilor Corey Rahme asked if this would be perceived as micro managing both the Chief Executive Office and the department heads that we entrust to manage these said grants.  She asked the Mayor for a yes or no on this.Mayor Manzi said that in some cases the answer would be yes.  He doesn’t have a problem, for example, with the grant that we have before Council tonight.  Councilor Leone asked him for a general breakdown of where the money was going to be spent and he sent a note today giving Councilor Leone the parameters of that grant.  He doesn’t have any problem with that and he doesn’t see that there is any issue even philosophically having a document like that on file with the Solicitor and with the Auditor.  The problem comes in, Councilor, if there’s an attempt to go in deeper and look at specific personnel, how they’re deployed, and so on and so forth.  That would be a line that he would not want to cross and he would resist that.  The information itself is not a problem for him.  As he did today with Councilor Leone, within the confines of the general areas where the grant money is going to be spent, he is happy to answer any questions inside the categories.  But the management of the grant is the Mayor’s job and that’s part of the separation of powers.Councilor Corey Rahme said she sees that as the Mayor’s job.  She asked if Councilor Cronin’s request is simply a matter of copying an existing piece of paper to the Council. 

She would like to review the request after the Solicitor has drafted something. Referring to the resolution regarding the feasibility study for this bridge, everything she needed to know is before her, including the check, the intent for the study, and the application.  She asked the Mayor what more was needed to do her job as a City Councilor.Mayor Manzi said he would leave that to each individual city councilor. He will provide Council with as much information as he feels comfortable providing.Councilor Leone thanked the Mayor for providing the information in a timely manner, noting that he asked him for it in a relatively short time before the meeting, which he then shared with the entire Council. Given the subject matter of the grant, he said he would prefer it if Councilor Cronin brought the policy on the floor at the next meeting rather than amending this grant.  It might coincidently look like a vendetta of some sort.  He suggested that Councilor Cronin talk further with the Mayor about some common ground in the future so we can keep our fingers on what’s going out without micromanaging.Councilor Cronin indicated he is not trying to micro manages anything.  Previously, he spoke with the Solicitor about putting a policy on the agenda for the next meeting.  It was a coincidence that this came up tonight.  He’s going to ask for the same information on this as he would if the proposed policy is approved or not.  He just wants to know if the money is being spent properly, on what it’s suppose to be spent on, and he doesn’t think there is anything wrong with that.  Councilor Andrew asked if this grant is supplying the city with four full time police officers.Mayor Manzi responded, yes.

Councilor Andrew asked if they are on the payroll now.Mayor Manzi responded, yes.Councilor Andrew said if they are on the payroll now, that should allow the police budget to be cut, when it comes time for the budget.Mayor Manzi responded, no, we anticipated that in the budget.  There was an offset to that line item.Councilor Andrew asked for an explanation of the $106,000 “beyond the tour of duty.”Mayor Manzi said its overtime.  For example, it would be the marine unit, the boat in the river, neighborhood services bureau, crime watch national night out, civilian police academies, some selective motor vehicle enforcement, motorcycle patrol, bike patrol that we’ve had such success with.  All of that is paid for through that beyond the tour of duty line item.  If they go out on the boat in the river, that’s done in an overtime capacity.Councilor Andrew asked if there is a fire department grant to match the police department grant.  Living on the river, knowing a lot of people that are on the river, both recreationally and living there, to have two police officers on that boat is a waste of time. 

He would prefer to see a police officer and a firefighter who is trained as an EMT on that boat rather than just the police department.Mayor Manzi said it is a joint police and fire department effort.Councilor Andrew said last year there were no firefighters on the boat.Mayor Manzi said he would look into that.Councilor Andrew said he doesn’t have a problem with a police officer giving someone a ticket but if somebody is out there and gets hurt in a boating accident, he wants an EMT to be able to take care of a medical problem at the same time.Mayor Manzi said he would provide a report on that.  His understanding is this is a joint police and fire effort.Councilor Andrew said it is a good idea because it is needed.  He asked if “Supplies and equipment”, is that over and above the supplies such as ATVs and jet skis.Mayor Manzi said, in this grant, supplies and equipment would include one cruiser, an accident reconstruction laser measuring system which would help with accident reconstruction, canine cruiser kennel, speed message board, and some additional hard drives for our computers for forensic work. Councilor Andrew said he wanted to make sure we are not duplicating some of what we now have.  (Maybe a trade in for instance for a motorcycle)Mayor Manzi said there are no motorcycle purchases here.  One cruiser - but there are some particular items that you could fund through the regular budget but are more associated with the grant activities.  In the training section, we are going to send some of our police officers for computer forensics and based on that part of your supplies would be additional hard drives to assist us with that.  Councilor Andrew said if we don’t get this grant next year, the four police officers would be put onto our budget.Mayor Manzi responded, yes, if we’d like to retain them, they would be kept on our budget.Councilor Andrew said he didn’t know of anyone in the past being removed from the budget if they’ve been on a grant.Mayor Manzi agreed.

Councilor Andrew said he just wants to make sure that it is comfortably spent.  He doesn’t have a problem with the boat, because they serve their purpose when they are needed and he doesn’t have a problem with training, overtime if its divided up properly and everyone gets it and he doesn’t have a problem with the four police officers getting their pay from the grant.  He’s always had a little problem with grants, going back to when we used to talk about high schools, because when you get the grants there’s some kind of strings attached.  For example, when we built the high school to get the grant to build a new high school, we had to put in a skating rink.  That was a mandatory part of the grant.  The only thing it could possibly cost us would be the four police officers being put back in the budgetMayor Manzi agreed.  He pointed out that the existence of this grant for the City of Methuen goes back at least ten years to Senator Jajuga’s time.Councilor Lahey said his understanding is that Councilor Cronin wants to cover all grants, regardless of who is filing them, strictly for informational purposes, through the two employees who work for the Council, the Solicitor and the Auditor.Councilor Cronin said that is his intent.Mayor Manzi said he didn’t want to give the wrong impression.  He doesn’t have a problem with that and would do so whether Council passed a resolution or not.  If that’s what the comfort level is, the information is there. We are trying to keep an open book on it.  The question was asked and he will stand by his answer that under some conditions, he’s not eager to start talking about how it ought to be deployed for specific personnel and so on and so forth.  But, in terms of what we are doing and how we are spending the money it should be an open book and it will be.  He doesn’t have a problem with that.Chairman Zanni – point of information – being one in the past who has written some grants – there is an administrative part of that too and he mentioned that earlier to the Mayor.

Whoever writes that grant, their name will appear and what their percentage is going to be will also appear. That will be on any application grant that comes before Council, and Council will have a listing of how that money is going to be used up after the process is complete.  Everybody will have an opportunity to see that.  Councilor Leone said he wanted to clarify his position so there is no misunderstanding.  Amending this tonight is not in the best interest of any of any.  If Councilor Cronin wants to bring something forward for the next meeting that’s been discussed with the Mayor and agreed on what kind of information we can have, that’s great.Councilor Cronin said he just wanted this grant to be part of the new policy if it goes through.  That is the only reason he amended it. Mayor Manzi said he understands what Councilor Cronin is saying and he should consider this resolution grandfathered.Councilor Cronin withdrew his motion to amend.  Councilor Giordano withdrew his second to the motion.UPON VOTE:  (main motion to adopt) UNANIMOUS. 

TR-07-03 Resolution Authorizing Acceptance of Donation to Methuen Fire Department and Appropriation Thereof (Wal-Mart)MOTION BY:  Councilor Corey Rahme, seconded by Councilor Willette to adopt.MOTION BY:  Councilor Andrew, seconded by Councilor Willette to adopt an EPA for the good and welfare of the community.UPON VOTE: UNANIMOUS.UPON VOTE: (main motion) UNANIMOUS. 

TR-07-04 Resolution Ordering a Financial Audit of the Sewer and Water Enterprise Fund of the General Government of the City of Methuen (Req. of Clr. Giordano)Councilor Giordano withdrew the above resolution based on the fact that there is a Sewer and Water sub-committee in place.  He stated he would like to be part of the sub-committee.Chairman Zanni said the next meeting is January l0th at l0:00 a.m. in the Mayor’s office.  

TR-07-05 Resolution to Amend City Council Rules (Req. of Clr. Cronin)MOTION BY:  Councilor Cronin, seconded by Councilor Giordano to adopt for first read.Councilor Corey Rahme said she does not feel comfortable supporting this and yields to our building inspector who gave an opinion of l50 people for the capacity limit.  Her quote in the paper says it all “this is not my City Council hall, this is not City Council’s hall, this is the peoples’ hall” and she didn’t have any problem allowing people to stand where they could find room.  There was an error in judgment and we should have moved it to a different venue, recessed and started up new.  She cannot be responsible for not allowing someone into their own house. 

Councilor Quinn said she agrees with Councilor Corey Rahme and doesn’t plan to support this.  In this chamber, if any City Councilor feels threatened in anyway, physically, verbally, action should be taken accordingly.  This is counterproductive for us.  We need to move forward with the business of the city.  At that time, she didn’t think anyone felt threatened.  She didn’t feel threatened by l8 Chief of Polices standing behind her.  It might be a problem if there were convicted felons standing behind her.  Considering what could have happened, she thinks everybody handled themselves pretty well.  Looking at the minutes, many times people would say that they were all set; they had no problem with what was going on.  In future, if there is a problem that should be spoken immediately and the Chairman could take the initiative to fix it.  But, she cannot vote for having people not stand behind me.  This is their hall and she welcomes them.Councilor Giordano said he was home recuperating watching the meeting on TV and the next day he sent a letter to the Chairman saying this should never happen (that anybody stands behind the City Council). 

He was at the State House for six years as State Representative, no one came on the floor and nobody was behind any of the state representatives.  That’s just the way it was and that’s a place where people can come.  It’s open to the public.  He doesn’t feel people should stand behind the City Council. It is a safety issue.Councilor Cronin said, as Councilor Quinn says, we don’t know if there’s a felon standing behind us.  There are no metal detectors here.  No one knows who is behind them or what they’ve got under their coats.  Most of this ordinance came from the Boston City Council rules and regulations, condensed from a three or four page statement so that nobody can stand any closer unless they are invited.  If you want to invite them, they can be invited.  Otherwise, anyone of these people sitting out there now can go over and stand right in front of Chairman Zanni, while he is trying to conduct the meeting and that’s not right no matter who it is.  Councilor Lahey said he would vote against it, probably not for the same reason everybody else is. 

He was not supportive of the meeting they had but it’s our duty when people come to a meeting, to make sure that we accommodate them.  And if there is no room and we can’t get another facility to accommodate everybody, we accommodate them the best we can or we just shut it down.  People should not be able to just walk up and it should be at the invite of the Council or the Council Chairman. He was more embarrassed with the whole situation than he felt threatened.  He suggested that, rather than more paperwork; maybe the Chairman can in the future reserve the high school, which he knows they’ve done in the past.  That’s something we are going to have to put in place.  If Council cannot accommodate a group of people over the l50 capacity limit, we should call off the meeting and set it up for another time.  We can’t turn people away or leave them out in the hallway or halfway down the stairs.Councilor Andrew said he was not intimidated.  The meeting did get a little unruly, with some chanting going on, which was not needed.  It shouldn’t have been done.  There was a flag that went from one corner of the room to the other corner of the room, which was not the American flag, which should not have been allowed. 

The chanting came from all sides of the room.  He leaned over and suggested to the Chairman that he should call a recess or vacate the room.  This should not have happened.  It was an embarrassment to the town, the Council, and the police department.  Its much easier for the Chairperson of this Council to bang his gavel and invite someone up here to speak or to give a presentation than to bang his gavel and clear the room of 200 people, which didn’t happen that night and it should have.  It was not on the agenda, number one.  It shouldn’t have happened in this Council chamber.  But if its tough to clear the room with 200 people and having seventy five of them behind us, the resolution will allow the Chairman of this Council or any future Council to say “we have a resolution, you can’t stand back here”, but if you’d like to come up and give a presentation, you’re welcome to come up at my invitation.  Councilor Andrew said he will vote for it because it will take away the guesswork of whether or not Council would go through that kind of embarrassment again.   It is just a method of taking care of a situation that did arise and possibly could arise again.  And he agrees with Councilor Lahey, if we can’t accommodate the people in this room, that amount of people, we should move to an auditorium somewhere.  He doesn’t have a problem with that whatsoever.  It will give this Chairman and every other Chairman to come, the ability to say ‘its not my ruling, the Council says you can’t stand behind us.  It is not going to hurt anyone’s feelings that they can’t stand here and it shouldn’t hurt anybody’s feelings that come into this Council Chambers that they stay there and they listen to us and we listen to them.  We have the podium for public participation. 

Councilor Willette said, as a point of comparison, there was a massive overflow of the chambers in support of Arthur Nicholson, for Superintendent of Schools. Not one person stood behind a School Committee member.  It was a dignified display of support for Arthur Nicholson.  They gave speeches and the School Committee gave its vote.  Council should have proper decorum as every public body has, whether it’s Congress, the State House or the Boson City Council.  There should be discretion with the Chairman if there’s an overflow on an issue that we recess and we proceed to meet at the high school auditorium.  He did not feel intimidated at all but its an issue of proper decorum, to allow the people to speak, they were accorded every opportunity to speak, the same thing with the supporters of Arthur Nicholson.  There was an overflow very similar to what happened with this past meeting.  Everyone was allowed to speak.  Not one person stood behind a School Committee member and everybody was respectful of the process.  That’s the difference.  He’s voting in favor of this and he has no problem defending it.   Councilor Corey Rahme read the language within the resolution, noting the language is very strong in particular “coercion and intimidation”.  Public participation is just that and it doesn’t have to be on the agenda.  People can speak freely during the course of public participation, during the regular city council meeting. 

They’re afforded that privilege and there are some rules of decorum.  Everybody knows that.  She referred to the cheerleaders, twenty of them, who occupied the little horseshoe in the Council chambers.  Councilor Corey Rahme said she fears this will pass, not because it was inspired by the cheerleaders, which were equally in violation of our safety zone but because it had to do with the police department and the people were excited.  She is unsure what adjective to use, but does know that the adjectives of coercion and intimidation are not something she wants to be part of.  The police are sitting here holding guns, sworn deputies of law enforcement, and asked if we second-guessing them. She also noted that the individual who does the invocation is missing from the resolution.  It is a shame that it was inspired because of an event on December 4th.  She’s not supporting it.Councilor Leone asked if this is a two read item.Councilor Cronin clarified that this is first read.Councilor Leone said he would vote for it for first read because he has a question he would like answered, which is how the building inspector and the Fire Chief reconciled their recommended capacity because of the fact that there is only l03 seats in the room.  There’s got to be some place where they think the overflow can stand safely and he’d like to know where that is before he makes a final determination.Councilor Andrew said this is not about that incident.  It’s about the future problems that could be.  This is not about the Methuen police department, the Chiefs that stood behind us.  This is because we saw an incident that happened on this Council floor and its possible it could happen again and again.  He is supporting it so that it can’t happen again, whether it is peaceful or not.  Councilor Cronin said his intent is not to stop somebody from public speaking or speaking before this council at any given time they want to. 

He has no problem with that and reminded the Council that the cheerleaders were invited to come up here and give a cheer.  The podium was moved in order to accommodate them. Councilor Quinn said it is a shame that more people don’t’ come to the chambers and express their point of view because it is a beautiful hall and we want to hear from people.  She will not support a resolution that would people from coming when nobody comes anyway.  This is counterproductive for the city. We need to move on.  Let’s deal with taxes and 40B’s and lets get busy with the business of the city and lets stop moving backwards into this very gray area that I think a lot of us should just stay out of and let the process that’s going on take its course.Councilor Leone said he agrees with the basic principle that Council shouldn’t have people standing behind them.  He was not intimidated, not threatened; but he was extremely uncomfortable the entire evening.  He doesn’t want people standing behind Council in the future. That’s why he wants to know how the building inspector and the fire chief arrived at the capacity for this room.  Secondly, he really believes that the conduct of the room is the Chairman’s job to handle and he voiced his opinion to the Chair the following day. They agreed that they were both uncomfortable with the fact that there were so many people behind Council and the Chairman deserves to handle those situations in the future.  He is reluctant to put another rule in place.  If there are too many people in the room, the Chairman has the right to move the meeting, whether it’s to another night, and/or another place.  By the same token, Councilor Cronin has a valid point that without something on paper, there may not be an incentive to do that.  His vote for first reading should not be misinterpreted as l00% support.  He wants to hear what the building inspector and the Fire Chief have to say about the room.  If they say the legal capacity of the room is when all the seats are full, that’s a different story than telling us there is 150 people and no place to put them.Councilor Lahey said, regardless of the group that attends here, be it someone protesting or supporting someone, giving a citation or proclamation or whatever, its our job to accommodate them.  This is not a problem that occurred just at one meeting. It happens when citations are given or proclamations and nobody was threatened, intimidated, or embarrassed.  It is an issue that needs to be resolved, if Council cannot accommodate people at any given meeting, regardless of the particular issue.  Council could accommodate anybody who comes by going to a bigger place. 

It doesn’t happen that often.  Councilor Corey Rahme reiterated that she strongly objects to the strong language used this evening.Chairman Zanni said after that meeting occurred, he sent a letter over to the Fire Chief and the Building Inspector asking both of them what this room could hold as far as capacity.  The figure came back that l50 people in this particular room.  That evening he asked the Fire Chief what the capacity of the room was and he said he didn’t know.  We’ve never done a study and normally in any assembly hall there is something placed on the wall of the actual number.  That has never been in here.  That is going to be done.  Now, if that number had been exceeded what should have been here, we definitely would have adjourned to another hall.  The reason he did not adjourn is because there was nothing in here on public safety to tell us that this room could accommodate X amount of people.  Nobody knew what this room could accommodate.  It has never been done before and at least we are going to get something accomplished in terms of what this room can actually hold.  UPON ROLL VOTE:  (first read) 6 yes, 3 no (Clr. Corey Rahme, Clr. Quinn, Clr. Lahey) 


Councilor Andrew said he was asked for a status on the post office.Mayor Manzi said he has nothing to report. Councilor Andrew suggested, for a small amount of money, maybe we can get cable TV or whoever we subscribe to, to install a couple of TVs in the hallways, with speakers systems so when we have an overflow, people can hear what’s going on and it will keep some of the noise down so we can continue with our business.Councilor Leone said that was standard procedure in the Quinn Building.  The monitor was in the hallway and Council could close the door.   Councilor Corey Rahme congratulated our own Methuenite, James Sereigo Wareing, the man who’s been very supportive of all of our veterans.  He’s also the gentleman that adorns the bridges with our flags.  She noted that he was mentioned in President Bush’s address, acknowledging his good work. Councilor Willette said at the last meeting, there was a question posed as to what was remaining in the account for Brooks Pharmacy.  He asked Mr. Kelly to provide that figure.  Mr. Kelly agreed to do so. 


MOTION BY:  Councilor Leone, seconded by Councilor Cronin to adjourn.UPON VOTE: UNANIMOUS.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m. I do hereby certify that at a meeting of which a quorum was present, the foregoing minutes were adopted by the Methuen City Council by a unanimous vote on January 16, 2007.